Isle of Wight Council

Current Job Vacancies

All Current Job Vacancies are listed below. Jobs are listed by their category and department.

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Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Team (DoLS)

DoLS Coordinator (Ref: 2024_820)

Ref: 5042

Learning & Development

Learning & Development Officer (Ref: 2024_834)

Ref: 5056

Care and Support Work

Beaulieu House (a children’s residential & respite service)

Casual Support Workers - Newport (Ref: 45001722)

Ref: 3530

Isle of Wight PA Noticeboard

Personal Assistants - PAs in Care (Ref: PA)

Ref: 2781

Gouldings Resource Centre (promoting independence through short-term re-ablement and respite care)

Support Worker – Casual (Ref: 2024_821)

Ref: 5043

Support Worker x2 (Ref: 2024_829)

Ref: 5051

Community Re-ablement & Outreach (a domiciliary care service for short term re-ablement in people’s own homes)

Under-Graduate Support Workers (Ref: 2024_808)

Ref: 5029


Adelaide Resource Centre (promoting independence through short-term re-ablement and respite care)

Assistant Cook (Ref: 2024_823)

Ref: 5045

Gouldings Resource Centre (promoting independence through short-term re-ablement and respite care)

Assistant Cook (Ref: 2024_828)

Ref: 5050

Countryside and Outdoors

Parking Operations

Civil Enforcement Officer (Ref: 2024_825)

Ref: 5047

Road Crossing Patrols

Road Crossing Patrol Officer (Ref: 2023_524)

Ref: 4946

Distribution / Logistics / Driving

Facilities and Fleet Management

Fleet Minibus Driver x 5 (Ref: 2024_818)

Ref: 5039


Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

KS2 Class Teacher (Ref: 2024_822)

Ref: 5044

Brading CE Primary School

Learning Support Assistant (Ref: 2024_824)

Ref: 5046

Summerfields Primary School

Learning Support Assistant (Ref: 2024_831)

Ref: 5053

Haylands Primary School

Learning Support Assistant (Ref: 2024_835)

Ref: 5057

Summerfields Primary School

Midday Supervisory Assistant (Ref: 2024_832)

Ref: 5054

Assessment and Review

SEN Casework Officer x2 (Ref: 2024_811)

Ref: 5033

Island Learning Centre

Teacher – Science (Ref: 2024_833)

Ref: 5055

Dover Park Primary School

Teaching Assistant (Ref: 2024_830)

Ref: 5052

Property and Contracts Legal Team

Property Lawyer (Ref: 2024_798)

Ref: 5023

Leisure and Tourism

1Leisure (The Heights Leisure Centre and Medina Leisure Centre)

Casual Fitness Instructors (Ref: 2023_585)

Ref: 4809

Group Fitness Instructors - Casual (Ref: 2023_420)

Ref: 4663

Leisure Attendants (Casual) (Ref: 2023_419)

Ref: 4662

Swimming Instructors - Casual (Ref: 45005913)

Ref: 3554

Property Services

Corporate Property Maintenance

Senior Building Surveyor (Ref: 2024_813)

Ref: 5036


Team IWC Flexible

Team IWC Flexible - Casual Bank Work (Ref: TEAMIWC)

Ref: 3156

Social Services

Isle of Wight Fostering

Local Authority Foster Carers (Ref: IWCF)

Ref: 3706

Community Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Assistant (Ref: 2024_810)

Ref: 5031

Wellbeing & Access Hub (Hospital)

Senior Social Worker (Ref: 2024_732)

Ref: 5028

Shared Lives

Shared Lives Carers (Ref: SLC)

Ref: 3042

Adult Safeguarding Team

Social Worker – Safeguarding – Wellbeing and Access Hub (Ref: 2024_699)

Ref: 5035

Adult Social Care & Community Well-being

Social Workers – Various Vacancies (Ref: 2024_836)

Ref: 3515

Children's Assessment Safeguarding Team (CAST)

Social Workers x4 (Ref: 2023_418)

Ref: 4661

Isle of Wight Fostering

Supported Lodgings Providers (Ref: IWCLP)

Ref: 3707

You First Isle of Wight

Volunteer Donations Coordinator (Ref: YOU)

Ref: 3477

Youth Work

RAFT Children's Services

Volunteers, Resilience Around Families Team (Children’s Services) (Ref: CSVOL)

Ref: 4043