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Supported Lodgings Providers (Ref: IWCLP)


Contact: Please call 01983 823160 to speak with a member of our team or submit an online enquiry at

Vacancy Reference: IWCLP

Supported Lodgings is a type of foster placement that provides semi-independent living for young people in care aged 16+. At this age, young people are approaching many important milestones in their lives, such as sitting their exams, learning to drive, applying for employment and / or moving onto higher education. You will be expected to support and encourage young people to achieve their ambitions. Being a part of their journey and helping them succeed can be incredibly rewarding.


We are looking for individuals who have an interest and experience in working with teenagers. Children in care are likely to have experienced trauma and adversity, so it is important that you are understanding of their past and the challenges that they may face.


You will be expected to act as a mentor, offering advice and guidance that will help equip young people with the skills for independent living - in such things as: cooking, cleaning, money management and self-care.


As a Foster Carer you will be required to attend meetings in the interest of the young person and work alongside professionals to ensure that the young person’s needs are being met. You will have your own support worker, along with access to training and resources. We ask that you are committed to the role and are willing to work with us to provide the best outcomes for the young people in your care. 


Isle of Wight Council Foster Carers receive:


·       Specialist support

·       Professional Training

·       Financial Allowances

·       Regular Placements


To apply to foster, you must be aged over 21 and have:


·       A spare bedroom

·       A UK citizenship / Indefinite Leave to Remain Status

·       Childcare experience (either personal or professional)



How to apply:


Please call 01983 823160 to speak with a member of our team or submit an online enquiry at