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Frequently Asked Questions for this Service

Question: How long does it take to find out if we’ve been accepted?

Answer: This can take between one and four weeks, depending on individual circumstances of each family, as we need to check that your family meets the criteria of the programme.

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Question: What happens at the end of my family’s engagement with the programme?

Answer: After the period of your family’s engagement with the programme, we expect that your life skills and knowledge will improve and you will be able to continue to progress without the need for support of the family support worker. There are also universal services available in the community via the family centres to offer ongoing support.

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Question: What happens when a family is referred but does not meet the criteria of the programme?

Answer: The referrer is informed. They will then notify the family, as soon as possible and will re-direct them to another, more appropriate service.

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Question: What will happen if some members of the family do not consent to take part in the Supporting Families Programme?

Answer: In some cases, we will still be able to work with the consenting members of the family. However, if consent is not provided by at least one adult in the family, then it will not be possible to receive support. Each family will be looked at on a case-by-case basis, depending on the family makeup.

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Question: Will I be paid to take part in the programme?

Answer: No, you will not be paid. This is a programme of support for families who require Early Help.

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Question: How long can a family receive support from the Supporting Families Programme?

Answer: A family can receive up to 12 months of support.

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Question: Will our personal information be shared with other agencies if we are accepted to the programme?

Answer: Yes. Information is received from the Police, DWP, Health, Education and Children’s services. This is so that the family worker is provided with all the information they require to give you the best possible support. All family members of 18 years and older will need to give permission for their details to be shared and this why consent is requested on the Supporting Families support request form. Parents and Carers are responsible for providing consent on behalf of the children in their care. The information shared is strictly on a “need to know” basis and is compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018.

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Question: Is there any support to assist with employment, education and training?

Answer: Yes, we have a Supporting Families Employment Advisor who works jointly between the Isle of Wight Council, Job Centre Plus and Barnardo’s. They will arrange to visit you and discuss any help you need. The Employment Advisor can help with creating a CV, upskilling, receiving training, volunteering opportunities, help with requesting eligible benefits, guidance on debt management and access to grants that may assist with gaining employment. The Employment Advisor will be able to support you every step of the way.

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Question: Once the referral is processed, what will happen next?

Answer: Once the necessary checks have been completed, details from the Supporting Families support request form, and a family assessment are then taken to a weekly triage Hub for consideration. At this Hub meeting a multi-agency decision is made as to who is the best provider for that family. Then a copy of the Hub Panel’s decision is sent to the referrer explaining the outcome. The referrer is advised to make the family aware of the decision that has been made in respect to the family they had referred to the Supporting Families Programme.

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Question: What are the benefits of receiving support from the programme?

Answer: Help will be different for each family and will depend on the support that is needed.

Every family will be supported to develop their own unique plan: we will ask what matters to you and what you would like to change to achieve positive outcomes for your family. Your family will have a single point of contact (known as a key worker) that will coordinate your family plan and support for between 6 and 12 months. This could be an intensive family support worker or another professional who is currently working with your family like a health visitor, school worker or a professional in the community.

Your family plan will be reviewed with you regularly to see how things are going.

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