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Bereavement Services - Cremation

Frequently Asked Questions for this Service

Question: Where can I arrange to scatter cremated remains at the Crematorium?

Answer: There are two allocated areas at the Crematorium where cremated remains can be scattered - the lawned gardens with specimen trees and some areas of the Woodland Walk. Please contact the service to book as cattering:

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Question: Can I have cremated remains interred at the Crematorium?

Answer: We have a dedicated area for the interment of cremated remains called Birch Meadow. This a quiet glade accessed directly from the car park.

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Question: Can cremated remains that have come from another crematorium be scattered at the IOW Crematorium?

Answer: Yes. If your loved one has been cremated at another crematorium, be it on the mainland or from abroad, they can still be scattered in our Gardens of Remembrance. However, it is imperative you give the Certificate of Cremation to our staff because without this document the scattering cannot proceed. If you do not have a Certificate please contact the Crematorium where the cremation took place, to re-issue another one. Please contact the us for more information and costs:

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Question: Can I take cremated remains abroad for scattering?

Answer: You can take the cremated remains abroad, but you MUST have an international certificate from the crematorium from where the cremation occurred. Also please research into the rules and regulations of the country’s destination and inform the airline if applicable.

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