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Document Library: Isle of Wight Dementia Strategy 2022-2025

We are delighted to launch this strategy which sets out our joint vision for improving dementia services and making the Isle of Wight a place where people with dementia can live safe and fulfilling lives.

Dementia is fast becoming the UK’s largest health and social care challenge. It is likely that at some point dementia will touch the lives of each and every one of us in some way and that experience will be lasting, as it is for each and every person in our local community.

Dementia is a condition that has a significant impact not only on our local people but on the services delivered by health, social care and the community and voluntary sector as evidenced by the Isle of Wight Dementia Stocktake undertaken in 2019 as

part of the development work for this strategy.
Status: Final
Download Links: Click here to download the document 'Isle of Wight Dementia Strategy 2022-2025'
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Approved On: 21 Jun 2022