Isle of Wight Council


A Guide to pupil exclusions

The decision to exclude

The Headteacher (or the most senior teacher in their absence), is the only person who can take the decision to exclude a pupil from school.

When a pupil is excluded parents/carers must be notified immediately, ideally by telephone, followed up by a letter.

The school must explain:

  • the reason(s) for the exclusion;
  • the parents/carers right to make representation to the Governors Discipline Committee;
  • the arrangements made for setting and marking work during the exclusion, and for full time provision if the exclusion is for more than 5 school days;
  • the parents/carers right to see their child's school record.

There are two types of exclusion:

  1. Fixed period, which can range from half a day to a maximum of 45 school days in a school year. (A child can also be excluded for lunchtimes.)
  2. Permanent.

Length of exclusion

Exclusion for more than 5 school days

  • If any exclusion is for more than 5 school days parents/carers can request a meeting of the schools Governors Discipline Committee to review the exclusion. The Governors must agree to this request and must meet within 50 school days.

Exclusion for more than 15 school days

  • When exclusions total over 15 school days in a term, the Governors Discipline Committee must arrange a meeting to consider the exclusion within 15 school days to which parents/carers and a LA representative must be invited.

Permanent exclusion

  • When exclusion is permanent, the Governors Discipline Committee must meet to review the exclusion between the 6th and 15th school day following the permanent exclusion. Parents/carers and an LA representative must be invited to the review meeting.


Even if the parents/carers did not attend the Governors Discipline Committee meeting, they have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel if the Governors Discipline Committee upheld the decision to exclude.  If you wish to appeal, please state your reasons in writing to the Senior Democratic Services Officer, Democratic Services Team, County Hall, Newport, IW, PO30 1UD.  

Where relevant, if you wish to have a SEN expert appointed for a review, the request must be made in writing to the Local Authority with, and at the same time as, the application for a review.

Information and Guidance for parents

The Children's Legal Centre has produced a useful information guide for parents regarding exclusions. This can be found on their website by clicking here. 

The Department for Education (DfE) has detailed guidance on when and how pupil exclusions should be implemented and procedures for appeals against exclusion.  This guidance can be found on their website by clicking here.