Isle of Wight Council

Insurance Service


The Isle of Wight Council Insurance service aims to protect the human, physical and reputational assets of the Council.

Claim Process:

How to make a claim:

The Insurance service provides the external point of contact for persons wishing to claim compensation from the Council. If you wish to make a claim against the Council you will need to complete our Incident questionnaire, this can be found in the 'Do it online' tab above. A claim for compensation can be made in person or through a legal representative.

Please note: Insurance fraud is a criminal offence. Persons who make fraudulent or exaggerated claims are liable to prosecution.

How a claim is processed:

Upon receipt, the Council’s Insurance service will work together with the appropriate department(s) to complete an investigation.

Once the investigation has been completed all relevant documentation will be passed to the Council’s Insurers who will then correspond with you or your legal representative.

There is no automatic right to compensation and claims are paid on a strict liability basis.