Isle of Wight Council

Local Assistance Scheme

    Also known as: Help through Crisis, LAS, Local Assistance Scheme

    This service is not run by the Council and information should be used for contact purposes only

    Service Description: The Council has formed a partnership with Isle Help who will provide a revised Local Assistance Scheme with the help of a successful funding bid from BT.

    The Council has successfully delivered the Local Assistance Scheme for three years, however, following the end of further funding from Central Government, alternative options to extend a provision on the Island were considered.

    This service is now known as Help Through Crisis (HTC). The revised HTC scheme will run from 1 May 2016 and be provided by Isle Help.

    Applications for help and support should be made to Isle Help by clicking the website link provided below or if you need assistance to apply, please use the telephone number provided in the contact tab. From 1 May 2016, Isle Help will consider all applications and will contact applicants regarding their requests.

    Please note: Applications, awards and contact will no longer be provided by the Isle of Wight Council from 1 May 2016 with regards to the Local Assistance Scheme.

    Website: Visit website