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Supporting families programme

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The previous programme for providing support for families was known as Strengthening Families Programme. The Supporting Families programme replaces the Strengthening Families programme.

The Supporting Families programme is available to all members of your family. We support, advise and offer guidance at a time when you are most in need. This can help you to make positive changes for your future. You will be supported by a family keyworker who will work alongside you and your family.

Through speaking with families and getting their feedback. Parents, carers and children have said that they want support and encouragement. They want someone to listen. They need their problems and goals understood by people and services that are reliable. Lots of families have already benefited from the support of the programme.

Feedback from families on the Isle of Wight

These statements are from families who joined the programme and we supported them.

“The support helped me to see what I needed to do and to make some decisions.”

“My home is much calmer now.”

“My children are now in school when they are supposed to be and I feel so much calmer.”

“I know where to go and who to ask if I need help in the future.”

Making positive changes

Having to deal with problems can become overwhelming. It can be difficult for families to know where to seek help and support that they need. The Supporting Families programme can help families to address difficulties relating to:

  • Education concerns
  • Early Years Development concerns
  • Mental Health and Physical Health concerns
  • Promoting Recovery and Reducing Harm from Substance Use
  • Family Relationships concerns
  • Child Abuse and Exploitation concerns
  • Crime concerns
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Housing concerns
  • Financial Stability

We help each family to develop a family plan to make positive changes within their family.

What we provide

The help offered will be different for each family and will depend on the support that is needed. We help each family to develop their own unique plan.

We will ask what matters to you and what you would like to change to achieve positive outcomes for your family.

Your family will have a single point of contact, known as a key worker. They will coordinate your family plan and support you between 6 and 12 months. This could be someone who currently works with your family, like a health visitor, school worker or a professional in the community.

We will review your family plan together to see how things are going.

You do not have to take part in the programme it is your choice to join the programme.

If at any point in the programme you change your mind, you can stop receiving support. 

How to join the Supporting Families programme

If you would like to join the supporting families programme you need to speak with one of the following professionals:

  • Health visitor,
  • Doctor,
  • child’s school/ pre school,
  • Social Worker,
  • Paediatrician,
  • Speech Therapist,
  • School Nurse,
  • or any other support service working with your family.

If you are not currently being supported by any of these services, please visit your local IW Family Centre (Barnardos) - (

The professional will fill out the application form and send it to us. We have a panel of professionals that will decide the best support we can offer you. We will let the professional know the support offer. They will let you know what support will be given to you and your family.

By joining the programme, you will have a dedicated keyworker to talk to, who will listen to you and provide consistent support. We will be by your side to support the positive family changes you want to achieve.

Further information

For reference you can download or print a copy of our Supporting families for families leaflet.