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About Parent's Voice - IW and Special Education Needs (SEN) reforms

Parents are involved in all aspects of the Special Educational Needs (SEN) reform program on the Isle of Wight, in a variety of capacities. Parent carer engagement has been co-ordinated and managed through  Parent's Voice - IW. Parent's Voice began with a small group of dedicated parents who wanted their voices to be heard in respect of the provision available for their children with special educational needs.

Parent representatives have been involved with all boards, groups and work streams related to the SEN reforms on the Isle of Wight, and continue to be involved. Supporting and working alongside the core members are the steering group. This currently consists of eleven parents who give their time on a voluntary basis and who meet at least monthly to decide on the direction of the group and ensure any decisions made are acted upon. Many members of the steering group have links with support groups already running on the Isle of Wight and some sit on other steering groups whose aims have much in common with the purpose and aims of Parents Voice. A remuneration policy is also in place to ensure that parent carer contributions are recognised and all expenses are paid.

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