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The Isle of Wight council defines a complaint as “an expression of dissatisfaction or concern by the public about the standard of service, conduct, actions or lack of action by the Isle of Wight council or its staff”.

If individuals are dissatisfied or have concerns about any of Adult Social Care’s standard of service, actions or lack of action or its staff, we have a formal complaints process. Please note that this policy is not intended for cases where the IWC has taken a decision in a proper manner but with which the complainant disagrees.

ASC's Complaints Policy explains how the Isle of Wight Council (IWC) investigates and manages Adult Social Care complaints, what clients can do if they are unhappy about any aspect of Adult Social Care Services and what the IWC will do to resolve the complaint. The policy is aimed at good practice guidance and supporting staff to deal with complaints in ways which are demonstrably consistent and fair and which comply with legislation and best practice.

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