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Document Library: Crematorium arrangements during Covid-19

The Isle of Wight Crematorium fully understands the additional emotional strain that is being placed upon grieving families who have just lost a loved one during these unprecedented times.

In order to protect our staff, grieving families and friends, and the NHS during the past few weeks we have introduced restrictions on the number of people who are able to attend a funeral at the crematorium to maintain social distancing measures.

We are very sorry that we have had to put these restrictions in place and aim to keep the crematorium chapel open for as long as possible to allow close family to celebrate the life of their loved one.

We have also had to change the way in which a chapel funeral service is conducted as a direct result of national restrictions.

This leaflet contains guidance of what you can currently expect when making funeral arrangements and attending a cremation service.
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Approved On: 11 Jun 2020
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