Isle of Wight Council

Performance and Assessment

This group contains relevant performance and assessment documents that the Council have undertaken as a statutory requirement

Local Authorities are required under the Childcare Act 2006, Section 6 to ensure that there is sufficient, quality, flexible, sustainable childcare for parents and carers The Childcare Act 2006 defines childcare sufficiency as ‘sufficient to meet the requirement of parents in the (Local Authority’s) area who require childcare in order to enable them:


a) To take up or remain in work

b) To undertake education or training which could reasonably be expected to assist them to obtain work.

c) May have regard to any childcare which they expect to be available outside their area.


In order to meet the sufficiency duty local authorities are required to undertake a detailed assessment of the supply of, and demand for, childcare in their area. Qa Research was commissioned to undertake the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment on behalf of the Local Authority. The assessment included research and consultation with parents / carers, children and young people, employers, and providers.


This document presents the key findings of the assessment in line with nine indicators of sufficiency:


  • Sufficiency of Places
  • Range of Provision
  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Accessibility (geographical issues)
  • Knowledge and Information
  • Affordability
  • Inclusivity/Meeting Particular Needs
  • Sustainability

The Child Poverty Act 2010 enshrined in law the commitment to eradicate child poverty in the UK by 2020 and placed a duty on local authorities to:

•work with relevant agencies and named partners such as: Police, transport authorities, Primary Care Trust, Job Centre Plus - to reduce and mitigate the effects of poverty;

•prepare and publish a local Child Poverty Needs Assessment - to understand the drivers of child poverty and characteristics of those living in poverty;

•prepare and publish a Joint Child Poverty Needs Strategy - setting out the measures the Local Authority and named partners propose to take to reduce and mitigate the effects of child poverty


The Needs Assessment:

•will provide evidence and context for developing a strategic approach to child poverty by providing a deeper understanding of:

•the extent and distribution of child poverty on the Isle of Wight;

•the key drivers and characteristics of families living in poverty;

•the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to tackling child poverty


The Local Government Ombudsman has issued a report following her investigation of a complaint against Isle of Wight Council.  The complaint was about a planning and development matter.  The Ombudsman found that injustice had been caused by maladministration on the part of Isle of Wight Council.  Isle of Wight Council has agreed to take action which the Ombudsman regards as providing a satisfactory remedy for the complaint.

This is the report of the Director of Public Health for the Isle of Wight for 2013.

The report focuses on the needs of children living on the Island. This is because investing in our children’s health and wellbeing will not only benefit today’s children but will improve their lives as they grow into adults and therefore affect the lives of future generations.

Geological Failure Report Undercliff Drive: Seven Sisters Road, St Lawrence to St Catherine's Road, Niton

Geological Failure Report Red Zone 9: Woodlands, Undercliff Drive

Geological Failure Report Red Zone 10: Caravan Park, Undercliff Drive

This report is a summary of the activity of the Early Help Assessment on the Isle of Wight and its impact for the period 1 April 2014 to 31st March 2015.

The Annual Report is a public document, providing a mechanism by which the Children’s Services Department (the department) can be kept informed about the operation and effectiveness of its complaints procedure and support learning from complaints. This document covers the reporting period 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017.

In 2017 Portsmouth, Southampton, Gosport and Isle of Wight councils came together to adopt a partnership approach to delivering the covenant within the Solent region of the wider County of Hampshire. Entitled Strengthening Local Covenant delivery, the aim of this partnership is to:

Raise awareness among serving personnel, reservists and veterans of the support they can expect from local authorities;

Provide a broader understanding of the needs of the local veteran population as well as serving personnel during transition to civilian life;Evaluate the impact of these initiatives.

The Solent Armed Forces Covenant Partnership Board representing Portsmouth, Southampton and Gosport, and the Isle of Wight Civil Military Partnership Boards, refreshed in 2017, provides strategic governance for local delivery of the Covenant.
We estimate that 76,207 adults and children are part of the Solent Armed Forces community. The Solent Armed Forces Covenant Partnership have worked together to understand the needs of this community in the form of the Solent Armed Forces Needs Assessment

In 2017, following a local authority funding competition, the Isle of Wight Council was awarded £1.35m from the
Access Fund by the Department for Transport, to fund delivery of the three-year ‘Transforming Travel on the
Isle of Wight: Transition to Transformation’ programme.

The Smarter Choice Consultancy Ltd. and Lorax Environmental Associates have been commissioned by Isle of Wight Council to independently evaluate the Transforming Travel programme. They have worked with individual projects to advise on best practice in data collection, and are using the data subsequently collected by the projects to assess Transforming Travel’s outcomes.

Minutes from the public meeting/drop-in session held as part of the West Wight Schools Consultation on Wednesday 13 March 2019 at All Saints' CE Primary School. 

Final meeting minutes from the public meeting/drop-in session held on Monday 1 April 2019 at St Saviour's Catholic Primary School, as part of the West Wight School Places consultation.

A summary of the intended work to be completed at St Mary's junction between 30 September and 20 December.

Press release announcing the start date of phases 1-4 of the St Mary's junction improvement scheme.

Press release announcing start date of phases 1-4 of the St Mary's junction improvements.

The Isle of Wight Health and Care Plan is a shared vision between the NHS and the local authority to empower people to live more independently.

Frequently Asked Questions for the St Mary's junction improvement scheme.

Illustration showing all planned, or completed, junction improvements in Newport as part of Newport Strategic Junction Improvement programme.

Press release about the St Mary's junction improvements public information evening on 17 October 2019.

Overview maps showing traffic arrangements during first four phases of St Mary's roundabout improvement scheme.

Consultation results on reinstatement of Undercliff Drive to vehicular traffic - September 2019.

Public Notice consultation on the proposed closure of All Saints' Church of England Primary School, Freshwater.

Press release detailing phase 3 works at St Mary's junction - 1 November 2019.

Simplified maps showing the traffic management arrangements for the first four phases of the St Mary's Junction Improvement scheme.

Southbound - towards Newport - traffic management arrangements at St Mary's roundabout, from January 2020.

A press release issued in December 2019 providing an update on the improvements works at St Mary's roundabout.

Traffic management map for St Mary's roundabout from April until June 2020.

Transforming Travel on the Isle of Wight: Transition to Transformation.

Sustainable Transport Access Fund programme evaluation 2018/19

The Annual Report 2019-20 is a chance to discover a summary of the council's activity during the past year (April 2019 to March 2020) and learn how we are working together to provide a financially balanced and sustainable council on behalf of the Isle of Wight Community.


This statement provides a summary of the financial contributions the Isle of Wight Council as local planning authority (LPA) has secured for infrastructure and affordable housing through planning obligations from new developments.

A list of frequently asked questions for the Ryde Interchange project. This will be updated during the course of the project.

A press release detailing the launch of the Ryde Interchange consultation.

This statement provides a summary of the financial contributions the Isle of Wight Council as local planning authority (LPA) has secured for infrastructure and affordable housing through planning obligations from new developments.

This needs assessment has been conducted on behalf of the Solent Armed Forces Covenant Partnership Board representing Portsmouth, Southampton and Gosport, and the Isle of Wight Civil Military Partnership Board, to inform the work of the Partnership and support local partners to meet their statutory duties under the Armed Forces Covenant